Ag-Data was founded in 1966 to provide computerized Farm Accounting services to the agricultural community. In 1979, we began to convert our Farm Accounting software to run on the new microcomputers that were just becoming available and in January of 1980 we sold our first computer. We soon realized that we had hardware, software, and expertise that fit a wide variety of needs and we opened The Computer Store in 1983, selling KayPro computers. In 1990, we started building our own computers in order to ensure the quality of the components.

Since then Ag-Data has established a long list of satisfied customers in government, education, business, and industry. We have installed classrooms full of computers for area schools. We have also installed large numbers of computers for local home, business, industrial, and professional customers.

We continue to provide all of these customers with the best ongoing service and support possible. The education and experience of our technical staff help us provide the support needed by our customers.

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